Chris Appleton's Top Hairstyles for 2020

When you’re on the hunt for new hair trends, where do you usually go for inspo? Most people turn to some form of media: movies, TV, magazines, Insta, Pinterest. Or maybe you go straight to YouTube and search for a tutorial on Kim K’s wet hair look or JLo’s snatched ponytail. What we’re getting at is most people find the latest hair trends by looking at celebrity hair. Us? We go directly to the source of many of these celeb styles: Chris Appleton.

We’re so lucky to have Chris as Color Wow’s Global Creative Director not only for his mad skills, but for his ability to constantly create new hair trends. Stylist to celebs Kim K, JLo, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, Chris’ creations are always an instant viral phenom. (Earning him the very distinguished honor of “2019 Hair Influencer of the Year”.

Recently, Chris was on Rachael Ray to showcase his 2020 hair trend predictions. The way he sees it, hair trends evolve over time rather than live or die in a single moment. So, the hottest 2019 hair trends (or even the last decade!) can morph into a new modern look for 2020.

Chris looked back at some of the hottest hair trends of the decade and showed us what they’ll look like this year. Read on for Chris’ 2020 predictions.


“The bob haircut has gone through a lot of phases over the years, and 2020 will be no exception”, Chris says. Over the past 10 years, the long bob haircut, or “lob” has been the “it” style dominating Insta and Pinterest feeds. But no more! Chris says short bob haircuts are back. The big difference? A swishy, radiant, edgier flare. “It’s almost like it’s been cut with a laser, so it’s super blunt and sharp.”

Chris says anyone can wear a bob – you just have to work with your stylist on a length that’s best for your face shape. “If your face is rounder you go a little longer, and if you don’t have a round face you can go shorter.”

The key to this look? Mirror-like shine and a swishy finish, according to Chris. He achieves this by using Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray to transform any texture of hair into a sleek, frizz-free, glass curtain of tresses.


It’s time to toss your donut bun styler...the half-up half-down bun is a thing of the past! Instead, Chris says 2020 is all about the “fountain of youth” half-up half-down ponytail perfect for “anyone who wants a little (face) lift and they don’t want to go under the knife. (No joke, this style does wonders to lift your eyes and smooth your brows!)

The main differences are, of course, it’s not a bun, it’s a ponytail, flicked out ends, and a shorter length. “It’s more about the length. The length is flicky, it’s sexy, it’s bouncy. This hair flows into it. So you’ve got that kind of fountain ponytail effect, which I think is very sexy.” When styling this look Chris has three main tips:

To create a smooth, sleek half-up half-down hairstyle, use lots of hairspray at the roots (we like Color Wow Cult Favorite) and brush the hair up. The higher the better! To flick out your hair, wrap your ends up and around a 3-inch curling iron. For the perfect finishing touch, Chris uses Color Wow Root Cover Up for an even hairline.


Chris’ final 2020 prediction is all about big, brushed out curls. Hairstyles for curly hair are having a serious moment. But it’s not about spirally, tight, defined curls. This look is fluffier, bouncier, and pumped up on steroids. So, what’s Chris’ secret to this look? The answer might surprise you. “The key to this look is brush it. You gotta brush these curls out. We don’t want set ringlets.”

To get these voluminous curls, Chris wets the hair, saturates it with Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair, then diffuses – slowly! This is vital if you want to avoid  frizzy hair or a crunchy finished look. Once dry, Chris brushes out the curls for some seriously fluffy bounce and finishes with Color Wow Style on Steroids for major volume. “In 2020, the bigger and the bouncier the better!”

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